Back To My Future.

I’ve taken a break from blogging for a little bit because I went crazy during finals…seems like the perfect time to blog?

Since I watch at least one movie everyday, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog as a “how-the-movie-of-the-day-relates-to-my-life” and then give some overarching philosophy on the world around us. I’m also going to start rating the films (from 1-5+). PLEASE comment and give your thoughts!

So yesterday I watched Back to the Future and Restrepo (shout out Veela).

Restrepo (4.5) was amazing. It was sad, yet so truthful, touching, and inspirational. Most people have heard that Tim Hetherington (the director) was just recently killed in Libya. To me, this really made the point of the movie come to light and that is about what defines being brave in order to accomplish your goals, and what sacrifices are you willing to take? Hetherington got so wrapped up in his art that it led to his unfortunate death. The men that fought in Korengal valley, Afghanistan “the dealiest place on Earth” essentially show their need for speed and resulting heroism.

Obviously I am not going to war, but this film motivated me to continue my personal fight at the moment: FIND A JOB!

So…Back To My Future…I am determined to fight for my career aspirations and not go easy on myself. I am going to push myself to do something great.

Back To The Future (4) is extremely entertaining…great cast, great music, great story. Of course I probably dove into the themes more than needed, but I couldn’t help but think about my future. I am graduating now and truthfully thought I would love the opportunity to get in a car and crank it up to 88mph to travel back in time and change some things. But then I realized that it’s not like I want to change my past (maybe remove some of the events, naturally) but rather that I want to add more time. I’m only 22 years old and already feel like time is flying past me and that I’m behind. I’m just going to take this as motivation to dive hard and fast into my goals.



~ by sobercyster on May 11, 2011.

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