White Swan? Black Swan?

The last week I have gone back and forth between deciding if I was in a good mood or not. There are several sources behind this split-personalityness for the week. My philosophical advice for this blog is that it doesn’t matter what it is exactly that makes it a White Swan day or a Black Swan day…what’s important is the need to surround yourself around White Swans of life (friends, family, sleep, peace, yadda yadda yadda) and take down that bitch monster of  the Black Swan!

I think some of the main reasons I’ve been in a Black Swan mood is:

1) I have to write a paper about the style of a movie and I chose Black Swan.

2) It’s passover and I can’t eat anything delicious.

My dad did always say “Feed her” when I was in a bad mood as a kid. It’s not my fault…the Black Swan took over my hungry soul!

Speaking of passover, Shout out to my Momacha for setting things straight. We were going to go out to dinner and celebrate the end of passover but I told her it wasn’t over until tomorrow. Her hungry response:

“Passover is over in Israel and for reform Jews. And for me.”

Somebody wants some bread!

Hasta luego!



~ by sobercyster on April 25, 2011.

One Response to “White Swan? Black Swan?”

  1. I here ya sister. I think “Am I happy?” is the most psychologically destructive questions I can ask myself. The more I try to answer that question the more worried and dissatisfied I feel. When I am hungry for happiness I feast on good books, good deeds & good vibes in general.


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