Dr. Strangelovers

First of all…I just want to say that Sobercyster really lived up the name this weekend. Quakergirl, Ginger, Carolanthony, Zoe and I decided to road trip to UConn for one night to party with our friends we met on our cruise.

Quakergirl took on a whole apartment complex of dudes in flip cup and eventually emptied out the party because they were too ashamed to lose to a big-boobied girl.

Ginger started off strong at the apartment pregame, even got some numbers at the bar…but then she started slow dancing with an oaf and eventually she passed out in Oliver’s Alice in Wonderland-themed bed. She slept in her jeans.

Zoe was a solid drunk. Cute and fun. Oh except when she poured a drink all over our guy friend’s nice shirt he was so excited to wear. Haha silly Zoe, you’re not so innocent with those bangs.

Oh and Carolanthony. Giggle giggle giggle. You’re lucky you’re so tan and cute and won biggest flirt in high school because you sure do have sausage fingers.

I think I had way too much to drink…10 cups of water in I had to pee every 10 minutes.

All this being said, our friends told us that we are the coolest, most fun girls they’ve ever met. I seriously don’t know what drugs they are on because we are probably the most strange girls EVER. Thank god for Carolanthony’s giggles, Zoe’s bangs, Quakergirl’s boobs, and Ginger’s red hair or else we wouldn’t win boys over. I guess we just have that strange effect on people.

And speaking of strange. My movie of the day was Dr. Strangelove by Stanley Kubrick. I love Kubrick and this movie has a lot to think about. The ending was sweet with Vera Lynn’s song “We’ll Meet Again”…but I won’t spoil what goes on during the song. But you know me, when it comes to movies, sometimes the stranger the better.



~ by sobercyster on April 12, 2011.

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