Violetta and I just watched Requiem for a Dream. Officially one of my favorite movies. I was holding my heart the entire movie. I’ve never felt for characters so much as I did for the poor Goldfarbs. The editing was phenomenal. And the musical score added to that clutching horror every time I heard it. Just so well done, yet so fucked up. Nice work Aronofsky.

But it has made me reflect on some of my own addictions. And I hope this time next week I’m not going through the same detox process! Yikes! Anyways…Before Violetta and I decided to start the movie, we both needed our sugar fix. So we paid someone 8 bucks to deliver Oreos and Twizzlers to us (shout out Gingersnap). This is when I realized in the last 3 days I’ve eaten a shit ton of Oreos and Twizzlers and spent about $20 alone to do so. So this is when I also realized I may be starting to have a problem (at least I’m already admitting it).

I also realized that I am seriously addicted to not only watching movies, but analyzing the minuscule details that I sometimes forget that it’s important to pay attention to the plot (Shout out C.Anthony). At one point during the movie tonight, I asked Violetta why the mother was at the TV  studio…Violetta didn’t like that, she thought I had been sleeping (I really was just too engulfed in the editing for a moment, sorry Ellen Burstyn…I still would’ve voted for you for Best Actress). But yea, movie addiction, definitely. Today I watched Requiem for a Dream, Frankenstein, and Bamboozled.

Other addictions: my medicines most likely. onions. my bed. Facebook.



~ by sobercyster on April 1, 2011.

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