365 Days

It’s senior year!!!! This year is all about skipping the one class you are taking, sleeping in, taking shots, yadda yadda  yadda….not for me. The last 365 days have been taking 6 classes, all-nighters, and drum roll please…being sober. I couldn’t help but just sit cross-legged on my bedroom floor and cry yesterday as I thought about where I was 365 days ago…an emergency room.  Now I am in my room, very comfy and watching a Spanish movie (Vacas, Julio Medem), but reflecting on the torturous year I just had. I just ate orgasmic Oreo peanut butter brownies with my stoned friends (shout out to Xontwonekia, Sabrina, Helga Pataki, and Mo’Nique). I couldn’t enjoy the being high part—god forbid I get more paranoid as it is (shout out Marinara).

All my friends keep giving me “mad props” for being sober for this entire year. I tell them it’s pretty easy considering my friends are so awesome and that it’s not hard to have a good time with them. It is true—I’m not boring and I act pretty wild, so 99% of the people at school don’t even know I’m sober–shout out to my ability to semi-close my eyes, hold a beer in my hand, and drop my ass low on the ground during a rap song). But that doesn’t stop me from thinking I should win some sort of prize for what I’ve had to do. Drunk people ARE annoying, especially when you’re sober and they don’t understand you. I’m sure you’ll hear some stories as the days go on.

So whoever decides to follow my blog, this is what you can expect as of now:

1) Funny stories as I continue to be crazy and sober.

2) Life updates.

3) I can get pretty philosophical/analytical as many of you know (i.e. with other peeps’ lives and movies!)… so I guess that’s where the “comments” area can come in…

4) Photos/videos.

I’m kinda overwhelmed with this whole first blog thing. I’m gonna sleep on it and make tomorrow’s a good one.

¡Hasta luego!



~ by sobercyster on March 30, 2011.

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