The sun is GLOWING!

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The sun is really glowing today (shout out Carol Anthony). I just swallowed my ZEE for the last time ever (knock on wood). I’m feeling so alive. Gonna go have a hot dog and a sip of beer to celebrate. Here we go Two Sips Tips.

There Will Be Blood is officially one of my favorite movies (5+). It was so intriguing. Daniel Day Lewis was phenomenal and so was the young actor Dillon Freasier that played his son. The orchestral music was so subtle yet so intense. It made me think about the definition of success and happiness and what you’re willing to take to get it and even throw it away. I am without words because I loved this movie so much. I’m going to watch it again ASAP. YOU GOTTA SEE THIS if you haven’t already.

Just saw Bridesmaids (4) too. Hilarious and realistic. It  was like The Hangover for chicks.

❤ (not so) Sobercyster


Back To My Future.

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I’ve taken a break from blogging for a little bit because I went crazy during finals…seems like the perfect time to blog?

Since I watch at least one movie everyday, I’ve decided to dedicate this blog as a “how-the-movie-of-the-day-relates-to-my-life” and then give some overarching philosophy on the world around us. I’m also going to start rating the films (from 1-5+). PLEASE comment and give your thoughts!

So yesterday I watched Back to the Future and Restrepo (shout out Veela).

Restrepo (4.5) was amazing. It was sad, yet so truthful, touching, and inspirational. Most people have heard that Tim Hetherington (the director) was just recently killed in Libya. To me, this really made the point of the movie come to light and that is about what defines being brave in order to accomplish your goals, and what sacrifices are you willing to take? Hetherington got so wrapped up in his art that it led to his unfortunate death. The men that fought in Korengal valley, Afghanistan “the dealiest place on Earth” essentially show their need for speed and resulting heroism.

Obviously I am not going to war, but this film motivated me to continue my personal fight at the moment: FIND A JOB!

So…Back To My Future…I am determined to fight for my career aspirations and not go easy on myself. I am going to push myself to do something great.

Back To The Future (4) is extremely entertaining…great cast, great music, great story. Of course I probably dove into the themes more than needed, but I couldn’t help but think about my future. I am graduating now and truthfully thought I would love the opportunity to get in a car and crank it up to 88mph to travel back in time and change some things. But then I realized that it’s not like I want to change my past (maybe remove some of the events, naturally) but rather that I want to add more time. I’m only 22 years old and already feel like time is flying past me and that I’m behind. I’m just going to take this as motivation to dive hard and fast into my goals.


White Swan? Black Swan?

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The last week I have gone back and forth between deciding if I was in a good mood or not. There are several sources behind this split-personalityness for the week. My philosophical advice for this blog is that it doesn’t matter what it is exactly that makes it a White Swan day or a Black Swan day…what’s important is the need to surround yourself around White Swans of life (friends, family, sleep, peace, yadda yadda yadda) and take down that bitch monster of  the Black Swan!

I think some of the main reasons I’ve been in a Black Swan mood is:

1) I have to write a paper about the style of a movie and I chose Black Swan.

2) It’s passover and I can’t eat anything delicious.

My dad did always say “Feed her” when I was in a bad mood as a kid. It’s not my fault…the Black Swan took over my hungry soul!

Speaking of passover, Shout out to my Momacha for setting things straight. We were going to go out to dinner and celebrate the end of passover but I told her it wasn’t over until tomorrow. Her hungry response:

“Passover is over in Israel and for reform Jews. And for me.”

Somebody wants some bread!

Hasta luego!



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It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. Sorry…no excuses.

Lately Sobercyster has felt incredibly overwhelmed with this drunk world around her. I don’t think Spring Fling helped her that much. I don’t know if it was the bad weather or literally all the drugs and alcohol filling the air everywhere around me, but I seriously felt like I couldn’t breathe. It’s so frustrating because either people are questioning me because I’m not drinking like them, or if I do tell them the truth that I’m not drinking, they say things  to my friends around me like “How do you support your sober friend?” (shout out random Asshole at Penn for the weekend). My friends and I both immediately stood up for myself…I don’t need support. At least I didn’t think I did. This weekend however showed me that I really do need support. There’s nothing worse then having to deal with all this and having a bunch of drunk people rubbing in my face a lot of problems. It’s really tempting for me to try to help them because I’ve always been that kind of caring person, but that leads to more frustrations and I get even more overwhelmed when other people are always crying. Except my Little (shout out cutest crying sesh ever…maybe it’s because you’re short. I love you). Essentially I just want to concentrate on my own being and problems especially considering I am trying to attack them with a clear mind, where as these drunk fools probably won’t even remember half the things they are crying about. People, including myself (I am 100% guilty of this too) tend catastrophize things. When drunk, a common symptom of this catastrophizing is “beer tears.”

So for me, it’s kind of like a chicken and the egg. Part of my problem is because other people overwhelm me. But am I just catastrophizing small issues?

At Seder tonight my family talked about life principles and I basically came to understand that money, job, etc. isn’t as important as happiness. It’s really cliche but it’s so basic. What is the point of having money or a job? It’s to support oneself or a family. But what good is a family without happiness.

After yesterday’s day to raise awareness for AFSP and mental health I realized that poor mental health is triggered by added pressure we put on ourselves, especially at places like Penn. I will defend myself that I have my unique set of added pressures right now. I’m taking 6 classes my senior year of college, can’t drink, and have plenty of personal crap going on. I know of other friends of mine that have other worse things in their life to go through. However, other words of wisdom I learned yesterday is that some good can come with some bad. Like I don’t feel guilty for how many calories of alcohol I consumed this weekend! And I am now a Film major (Shout out Roomz). I am slowly learning that it’s about how you decide to let something shape your life and how you decide to handle it…not how it handles you.

Dr. Strangelovers

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First of all…I just want to say that Sobercyster really lived up the name this weekend. Quakergirl, Ginger, Carolanthony, Zoe and I decided to road trip to UConn for one night to party with our friends we met on our cruise.

Quakergirl took on a whole apartment complex of dudes in flip cup and eventually emptied out the party because they were too ashamed to lose to a big-boobied girl.

Ginger started off strong at the apartment pregame, even got some numbers at the bar…but then she started slow dancing with an oaf and eventually she passed out in Oliver’s Alice in Wonderland-themed bed. She slept in her jeans.

Zoe was a solid drunk. Cute and fun. Oh except when she poured a drink all over our guy friend’s nice shirt he was so excited to wear. Haha silly Zoe, you’re not so innocent with those bangs.

Oh and Carolanthony. Giggle giggle giggle. You’re lucky you’re so tan and cute and won biggest flirt in high school because you sure do have sausage fingers.

I think I had way too much to drink…10 cups of water in I had to pee every 10 minutes.

All this being said, our friends told us that we are the coolest, most fun girls they’ve ever met. I seriously don’t know what drugs they are on because we are probably the most strange girls EVER. Thank god for Carolanthony’s giggles, Zoe’s bangs, Quakergirl’s boobs, and Ginger’s red hair or else we wouldn’t win boys over. I guess we just have that strange effect on people.

And speaking of strange. My movie of the day was Dr. Strangelove by Stanley Kubrick. I love Kubrick and this movie has a lot to think about. The ending was sweet with Vera Lynn’s song “We’ll Meet Again”…but I won’t spoil what goes on during the song. But you know me, when it comes to movies, sometimes the stranger the better.



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So apparently I was in a violent mood whenever it was I organized my “queue” on Netflix for this week…because yesterday in the mail I received:

There Will Be Blood. Fight Club. Kill Bill (Vol. 1)….I have been kinda moody lately, hopefully I don’t get a hold of my brother’s samurai sword and start acting like Uma Thurman.

Then I watched Tesis (Alejandro Amenabar). This was some good “snuff.” It’s about the psychological desire to see violence and the power of cinema “to kill.” It’s deep, despite the predictable yet at the same time confusing plot. Gotta love Ana Torrent tho.

I also watched Slumdog Millionaire. Not too much violence…other than the internal beating Megavideo gave me when my time limit came up and I couldn’t finish the movie.

I have to admit tho…that list that Sabrina gave me of the all time best movies…the violent ones have been my favorites. Who’s got some recommendations…I’m not normal…nothing makes me quiver 😉

Off topic shout out to my other sobercyster Violetta and Cougartown.


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IDIOTTTTT is an old expression Xontwonekia and I have used for a while now. It’s works best to hear it in person. But anyways, this weekend was full of several instances in which I felt like an IDIOTTTTT:


I was trying to lay down to watch American Beauty on my big screen TV. I think getting more than 6 hours of sleep is what initiated the stupidity. I knelt down in front of the DVD player and just stared at it for a good 2 minutes. The DVD wasn’t showing up on the TV and I felt like my Dad that one time he couldn’t figure out how to turn it on (shout out Steve-O). I put the DVD in the Playstation 2, then used the guitars from Guitar Hero to try to make the DVD work, but some parental controls were blocking the DVD from playing…probably something Momacha set up for Steve-O. Finally, after about 15 minutes, I realized the AV cables weren’t plugged in. IDIOTTTTT


At the Phillies game on Saturday night I was holding my pee for like 5 innings just to see how long I could hold it. I finally went and came back and my family is all looking at me. Momacha (sitting right next to me) had been on the big screen the second I got out of my chair. CLEARLY the cameraman was preparing my close up. IDIOTTTTTT


Violetta split her pants. IDIOTTTTT



I spent a good solid 2 hours looking for my purple Spanish folder that had all my notes in it from this semester. I was convinced I lost it so I decided to go and vent/tickle (shout out Marinara). I returned to find it  under my desk with my folders from last semester. Sorry Momacha for asking you to look in every suitcases at home…yikes. IDIOTTTTT

Off to do more stupid things

❤ Sobercyster